Real Racing 3: Ferrari Supercars Classic are available

Real Racing 3, the freemium racing game developed by Firemonkeys and published by Electronic Arts, has received another major update.
This time, Real Racing 3 puts spotlight on one of its partners automakers Ferrari. Specifically, the game invites players into a showdown between two classic Ferrari Supercars: the F40 and F50:

  • The Ferrari F40 was created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Ferrari and this is also the last car personally approved by Enzo Ferrari.
  • The Ferrari F50, established in 1995, distills all the technology of motorsports and Ferrari all its know-how in a beautiful race car.

Last update Real Racing 3 for pc also increases the payments and adds a new series of bonus with cars with “phenomenal grip.” The new version of Real Racing 3 is available now on the App Store and Play Store for free. The game is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad running iOS 5.1.1 or later.

New in Real Racing 3 2.4.0:

  • Ferrari F40 - Created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Ferrari and last car approved by Enzo Ferrari himself.
  • Ferrari F50 - Vehicle 1995 distilled all the know-how and technology in motorsport in a beautiful Ferrari supercar suitable for the road.
  • Confrontation Ferrari Classic series - F40 Lightweight and flexible she will reign supreme or technology the F50 does outweigh his older sister?
  • More Gold Coins - Gains in Gold coins for crossings at higher levels were increased. Go to the next level to achieve even greater rewards! (you can also use the Real Racing 3 Hack for this)
  • Monsters Endurance Series - New Bonus Series featuring cars with a feature: a phenomenal endurance.

BBM: soon free audio calls, photo sharing and channels

Porting BBM on iOS, Android and also BBM for pc is a huge success for BlackBerry. With 80 million users, the service has become the goose that lays the golden eggs of the company which currently carries no fine. So Blackberry has introduced new features for 2014 To make the buzz, the manufacturer has launched a teaser about the forthcoming new developments that are currently in beta-test. While the current version offers only the text conversions, it will soon be possible to make audio calls, as it is already possible to do Skype or FaceTime Audio.

Another novelty, Channels, an integrated community platform messaging that aims to bring together users around common interests, but also to allow them to share with the brands or companies that have created their “chain”. Much like you can do on Facebook, Twitter or another, simply. This feature has been present for a few weeks on BlackBerry smartphones.
Finally, BBM will share photos, voice memos, maps, and new smileys.

Amplifon: Google Street View now with sound

Google Street View is now available with sound. The project Amplifon - Sounds of Street View provides users with not only a virtual trip around the world, but also the matching background noise via Google Street View.

Google Street View with sound via Amplifon
From the sound of the sea and road to the cries of children playing. Currently fall into Amplifon - Sounds of Street View already three places with the web app , including soundscape visit. The Place du Palais in Avignon, the Hapuna Beach in Hawaii and the Balboa Park in San Diego can be virtually explored by you together with clay. If you with sound now even want to try once the Google Street View, you will find now the free web app.

Telefónica & E-Plus: Provider-merger approved final

After some competitors had once complained to the European Commission on the merger of Telefónica and E-Plus, the competition watchdog announced today its final OK. How Telefónica announced that the European Commission confirmed the agreement, which had met with Drillisch the provider. Such as United Internet had complained that the assigned Drillisch network capacity is not sufficient to ensure fair competition in the mobile telephony market in Germany. filings from 27.8 .: The already-sanctioned by the European Commission merger of mobile Telefónica and E-Plus is once again re-examined. According to information from the business week it is intended to go to inconsistencies before the conclusion of the contract between the two Kozernen. The re-evaluated and probably derives from multiple protest of rivals United Internet. Specifically, it is important that Telefónica has signed a deal with mobile communications provider Drillisch, after Telefónica fifth of the network capacity and about 600 shops at Drillisch (provider including the DeutschlandSIM) assigns to obtain competition in the German mobile market upright. parallel to Drillisch had also United Internet and Freenet negotiated with Telefónica. United Internet loudly criticized economic week now that these negotiations were conducted only in appearance. Telefónica to have had the goal of beginning to work more closely with Drillisch. However, the small with only 1.9 million customers Provider is not able to play a greater role in the competition in the German mobile market. So now there is a danger that the three corporations Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica / E-Plus dominate the market. The new study by the European Commission will now examine again whether the conditions of the mega-deals are in line with EU competition law.